Are You a Visionary With a Brilliant Idea That Can Transform Lives and Culture

Who Just Needs a Little Support To Bring That Vision Alive in the Rapidly Evolving, Global Marketplace?

Who Loves the Idea of Sparking Your Great Movement (that’s living and evolving inside you) From Your Laptop While You Live, Play and Love Wherever Your Heart Desires?

Who Knows Deep Inside Your Leadership Will Change Lives,
Leave a Legacy and Have Extraordinary Impact?

I’ve Got You.

We’ve Got This.

Your Burning Desire Will Lead You to the Income, Impact and Freedom You Are Here to Create. It’s Your DESTINY.

Onstage at Gina DeVee's Academy Live Event in Los Angeles 2013.

Onstage at Gina DeVee’s Academy Live Event in Los Angeles 2013.

In the last several years I’ve been behind the scenes of the most lucrative and impactful transformative coaching companies in the world (Gina DeVee Kendall SummerHawk, Big Vision Business and Satvatove Institute) designing launches, filling programs and coaching clients directly on the most cutting edge marketing and coaching strategies – blending ancient wisdom with digital culture.

I’ve coached hundreds of women from over 31 countries, appeared on Radio Shows, Podcasts and Blogs with my fresh and original story based launch and marketing strategies.

I’ve generated 100,000s of leads, mastered Facebook and LinkedIn Paid Advertising, run several lucrative Affiliate Programs, designed lead magnets, created automated funnels that made sales every single day… basically I’ve done everything that happens behind the scenes that you don’t see and that people don’t often share… and I’m FIRED UP to place that knowledge directly in YOUR HANDS so you can go out there and transform lives and our shared world.

My Big WHY is not really about money at all, which may come as a surprise.

The reason I am so tireless about YOUR SUCCESS is that I truly believe when visionaries become financially secure and strong, they can begin to have more impact in their communities and our world.

Onstage at Max Simon's "What's Working Now LIVE" Event in 2012.

Onstage at Max Simon’s “What’s Working Now LIVE” Event in 2012.

What wakes me up every single morning with a burning desire to continue to master my craft and then share it with you is that I have a vision of empowering thousands of women financially – and then coming together as a community to give back.

There is nothing more powerful then visionaries aligned and on fire and that’s exactly what we are going to do when we work together… set your life and your finances on fire in a service and impact driven way.

If you’re ready to fill your group programs, coach more clients, have a massive uplevel in your income and impact, find the business model that works for you, and simplify your marketing – YOU’RE in the RIGHT PLACE. Check out the Work With Me Page and let’s get started!



_EJF6698 Crystal Wells, COO

Backend tech ninja, keeper of the schedule and organizer extraordinaire, Crystal is the right hand woman of Kylie Slavik at Success Stories, LLC. Strategizing and helping to manage the day in and day out tasks of the business, she helps keep the flow of the company moving forward and the chaos to a minimum.

Crystal is the owner of Sock Monkey Marketing, a firm specializing in putting entrepreneurs back in the driver seat. Their specialties are found in internet marketing operations, sales funnel design and development and web design and development.  Crystal is the strategic brain at the head of the healm.  Her training in business management, sales, internet marketing and coaching provide a strong business intersection.

Crystal is an avid philosopher, mother, weight lifter and do gooder.  You can check her out at http://www.sockmonkeymarketing.com. 


10.30.15G JFall0334Gena Shingle Jaffe, Sparkly Lawyer Extraordinaire

From corporate lawyer to sparkly lawyer extraordinaire, Gena makes legalities an easy investment in your business. She’s the creator of Damsel’s in Defense and Damsel’s Goes Bare. When she’s not helping entrepreneurs cover their assets she’s helping her wife, Jordana Jaffe, run their magical playground Gena + Jordana & Your Magical Business.

Find out how you too can cover your assets with some sparkly legal love at: http://www.genavieveshingle.com/