“Running a high growth purpose-driven company I need a team that understands my vision, mission and values and can support me and bringing that to life.

Kylie has a brilliance I have not encountered anywhere in the industry. She took my vision and jumped on board with me and my team seamlessly.  She brought my story and work into the world through dynamic copy that converted and went viral in the span of hours (not days or weeks!) adding thousands of new ideal clients to my existing list.  She is an endless supply of high level marketing strategies and launch support.  I am honored to work with Kylie.  If you have the opportunity to work with Kylie do it now, its a game changer!”

Sarah Kaler | www.soulpowered.com



Makena-circle“Kylie is one of the most brilliant marketing minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

She combines a deep understanding of both marketing strategy and human psychology to create high-converting funnels that far exceed industry standards – and is an absolute ninja with lead generation and ad copy.

Kylie and I have worked together on a number of successful launches, most notably taking an online program from concept to 6-figure launch in just 4 weeks. Kylie is a joy to work with, and fiercely dedicated to getting her clients results. If you have the opportunity to work with (or learn from) this marketing maven, do NOT hesitate. You will earn back any investment 100x.”

Makena Sage | www.OnlineMarketingWithHeart.com




Anita-circle“Kylie Slavik is a brilliant strategist and teacher.

I took her Miraculous Wealth Course with Gina DeVee and got so much from it—every week was packed with actionable instructions and cutting-edge info on how to leverage Facebook ads and write salient copy. Through the duration of the course, I developed & launched my own 6-week Integrative Sexuality virtual course for health care practitioners, making $5000 in the first week alone before registration closed.

I know this is because I put into practice the principles I was learning from Kylie, with extremely helpful feedback and support from her and Gina, as well as the rest of the community. I highly recommend any course Kylie teaches—you will get a gold mine of information and resources to boost any program you’re doing and have immediate returns on your investment.”

Anita Teresa | www.sexandmedicinesummit.com/integrative-sexuality/




Mia-circle“Wow, Results! Is what I use to describe working with Kylie Slavik.

She is masterful at pulling forth from you what you always knew but never communicated.
In my direct experience, I have discovered the point of all humanity is we want to create our story and be the hero in our own life journey… and Kylie makes that dream a reality. Her ability to see the story and then successful apply it to a sales funnel is Bar None. It is an honor and a privilege to call her a friend and have her on my professional team.”


Mia Hewett | www.MiaHewett.com




rebeccam-circle“Working with Kylie for several years now, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to experience her brilliance for a unique style of marketing and storytelling that gets serious results like no one else.

Her quick wit and passion for forward thinking marketing will pave the way for other marketers wanting relevance in a rapidly changing world. If real results from an authentic foundation are what is important to you and in this digital age is actually a necessity, then this is your go to expert in the marketing industry that is leading the way and I’d expect to see on the cover of Forbes in the near future.”

Rebecca Matias | www.rebeccamatias.com




justin-verregnia-circle“Kylie Slavik is my top Facebook PPC student who generated over $500K in her first 12 months.

She took massive action, got results, and is now paying it forward, teaching her students how she did it. I love working with Kylie.”


Justin Verrengia | www.weirdentrepreneurs.com/about/



JessicaN-circle“Kylie is an online marketing wizard!

When I first started using her techniques for storytelling, I noticed a marked improvement in my social engagement and on my website. When I took that storytelling into my Facebook ads, using Kylie’s amazing strategies, my ads went from completely underperforming to converting in no time! Kylie is super easy to work with, very responsive, and an expert in her field. If you want to see results in your online efforts, Kylie is your gal!”


Jessica Nevins | www.jessicanevins.com




spelcacircle“I got 1000 Downloads in a Week!”

I admired Kylie’s story telling ability for a long time and decided to enter the program where she was teaching how to connect with potential clients so they hear the message. I learned how to emotionally open and show up and as a result I have created a free e-book opt-in page. My list is about 5000 and the e-book that I created during the Miraculous Wealth course had almost 1000 downloads in a week! Thank you Kylie for this teaching, and for connecting with the deepest calling and the ability to express it. I’ve created extraordinary results in my Divine Business Academy!”

Spelca Shanti Morojna | www.shantimorojna.com




Paula-circle“Kylie is one of the most personable marketers I’ve ever met. You can say she does marketing with soul.

She’s fully committed to her work and clients and her passion shines through. From the moment I met Kylie, I adored her. Her heart is open and you immediately know you can trust her. She has the ability to see your business and even though she follows her signature marketing formula, she knows exactly how to apply it so it’s unique to you and your business. For me this was crucial, as my message is more feminine, which means it is less tangible.

Kylie was able to pin point exactly how to present my message on posts that would speak to my clients in an authentic and powerful way. Thank you Kylie, you are not only an excellent marketer but an amazing, transparent and loving human being. Such a pleasure we crossed paths!”

Paula Lacobara Tatro | www.paulalacobara.com




Angela-cirlce“Before taking the Facebook marketing course with Kylie, I didn’t know how to target my audience and the most cost effective way of doing so.

Kylie, with her passion and knowledge with Facebook ads and helping me word it so people would want to take action, gave me the skills to create my own ads as well as have a big increase in the number of people clicking for more information for my free ebook and guided meditation, “From Anxiety to Peace: 3 Simple Steps to a Heart Centered Meditation Practice.” Thank you Kylie for your unwavering help and dedication. I highly recommend taking a course with her!”

Angela Patnode | www.angelamariepatnode.com




erika-circle“Kylie Slavik is the favorite go to marketing woman for no-bs hype, proven 6 and 7 figure results for real people who want to make a difference and a killing sharing what they love on the internet.

Her intuitive heart and sharp mind lays out the path designed for your personal launch success, including your specific style and storyline to capture and inspire your ideal clients to work with you. I’m so grateful for the behind the scenes support she has given me in my business and continue to to place my trust in her sage wisdom for cutting edge strategies and life changing results.”

Erika Watson | www.lovedseenheard.com | www.Runawayandreset.com




Corina-circle“Anyone who wants to build their email list needs to take Kylie’s course.

She has helped me achieve a whole new level of success by teaching me the blueprint on how to successfully grow my email list. Within only 10 days I was able to grow my list from my initial 40 people to over 500 leads and I have multiplied it ever since. Thank you, Kylie.”


Corina Holzapfel | www.horsesense360.com




Lisa Rothstein“Lots of marketing experts can talk about metrics and funnels and numbers. What makes Kylie different is that she really understands how story translates into deeper connection with prospects, so more sales happen organically.

I’ve seen firsthand how her methods create amazing results for clients, and I’ve watched her inspire clients to create the same results for themselves. If you want to be on the same page with your people so they follow and buy from you, Kylie is the one to follow!”

Lisa Rothstein | www.lisarothstein.com




Stacey Mobley“Kylie is one of the most compassionate and real people that I have come across in this Internet coaching world.

She has the gift of keeping her advice, raw, sugar-free, and actionable. A go-getter woman after my own heart. She is one of the few that earns the title ‘expert’ yet she rarely calls herself this. So I get the pleasure of doing that for her as she has always provided some of the best advice around being YOU in your marketing .. not the latest guru.”

Stacy Mobley | www.blissnaturalmedicine.com